Recreational Applications

Top-Rope Anchors

Spiroll® Rope Protectors are right at home when setting up top rope anchors with static rope. With ropes in place, simply wrap the protector around the rope and slide into position. That's all there is to it! Superior rope protection in a flash and no tying off necessary (ropes >9.5mm). Dirt is kept out and the bright orange color improves anchor visibility to those walking (and potentially tripping) over rope lines.

Ice Axe Strikes

Ice axe strikes damage ropes. Spiroll® Rope Protectors help to reduce the damage. With the top-roped/second climber tied in, wrap the protector around rope and slide into place. The device's rugged polyurethane material absorbs and/or deflects most axe blows, keeping your rope working longer and improving safety. A must have for the beginning ice climber.


Nothing works like a Spiroll® Rope Protector for protecting ropes from the damaging activities of ascending and rapelling. Remove Spiroll® Rope Protectors before pulling ropes through carabiners and monitor position on rope during ascending activities. Ideal for groups and classes.

Ice Screws

Ice climbers know how vulnerable their screws are to damage. Sharp points dull easily, and threads can develop nicks and imperfections. This damage results in a screw being difficult to place at a time when it is needed most. Spiroll® Rope protectors, cut to length, wrap around ice screws to protect pack's interior, BOTH points and threads, giving your ice screws that 'brand new feeling' for as long as possible.

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