ROPE PROTECTORS WARNING: Climbing is a dangerous sport. Severe injury and even death can result from improper technique or misuse of equipment. Spiroll® Rope Protectors (patent pending) will not enhance safety or rope integrity; they are intended solely to help protect ropes from abrasion, thus lengthening a rope’s useful life. Spiroll® Rope Protectors are not a substitute for correct technique, skill, and properly maintained equipment. Seek qualified instruction before climbing.

Wrap Spiroll® Rope Protector around rope as shown in (Fig. 1). Important: the black stripe must face out to ensure proper fit, as shown in (Fig. 2). With Spiroll® in place, slide into desired position, as shown in (Fig. 3). Two or more overlapping Spiroll® protectors can be used in tandem for expanded coverage (Fig. 3).

IMPORTANT: Always verify unit placement/location on rope before and throughout climbing. Unit movement on rope might be experienced under various environmental conditions (ice, wet ropes, etc.), an increase in Spiroll® unit diameter, and/or use on ropes having diameters less than 10mm (approximately); tie off with separate chord if necessary. Rope/anchor movement must be avoided. Spiroll® protectors only partially protect ropes from abrasive surfaces in the immediate vicinity, and will offer no protection against crushing forces and/or rope/anchor failure. Keep Spiroll® protectors away from excessive heat, harsh chemicals, and corrosive solvents. Spiroll® protectors and rope must be inspected after every use for ware. Replace Spiroll® protectors if damaged or worn.

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