Case Studies

Protecting Dyneema Rigging with Spiroll® Chafe Guards

Rigging 2 MDRigging-1A cruising ketch which was rerigged with Dyneema instead of stainless steel. The weight savings made a big difference in the performance of the boat. A chafing issue presented itself, however, where jib sheets rubbing across the upper and forward lower shrouds during tackshave had been wearing on the synthetic standing rigging. The Dyneema splices came covered with heavy heat shrink tubing which protected the bottom 2 feet or so of the shroud but an additional 30 to 36 inches of added protection were needed.

Silicone rigging tape was initially used to try protecting these areas but had little chafe resistance and was destroyed in short order. After considering several options, 2 small Spiroll® Chafe Guards (16″ long each) were placed above each heat shrink tube which completely covered the Dyneema rigging and stopped the chafing.

Lobster Boat In Rough Harbor

lobster boat 1lobster boat 2Subject: A working lobster boat anchored in Salem Harbor, Salem MA.

Specifications: 28 tons, 42’x14’x4′, wood.

Background: This harbor was prone to storms and significant wave activity, making chafe protection necessary. Canvas chafe guards had been used but were chafing through several times per season and an alternative solution was needed.

Situation: Spiroll® Chafe Guards were provided (large units for 3/4″ to 1″ lines) and were secured into place on the line using electrical tape along the entire length of the unit. Correct sizing allowed for 3 circumference wraps around the line. Testing coincided with a week-long foul weather pattern that moved into the area involving storms, swells, and gusts of up to 40 knots.

Results: Spiroll® Chafe Guards stayed in place on the line for 1 year before removal for analysis. Upon inspection, they did not experience a breach of any circumference wrap (or layer). The line itself did not suffer any chafe damage. A photo of the actual unit post-test is provided here.

Seasprite case photo

Storm in Great Harbor, Woods Hole MA

The smaller boat in the middle of the video, a Seasprite 23, had 2 mooring lines attached.  One one line was a canvas chafe guard, the other a Spiroll Chafe Guard (see photo).  The canvas guard wore through in this storm, the Spiroll Chafe Guard remained intact.  The same Spiroll chafe guard remains in place and in use 2 years later.

Mud Boat with Fuel Line Chafe

The fuel and battery line going over the transom ofmud boat motor web this mud mud boat webboat was subject to chafe and abrasion due to its location, common with boats of this design.  The Spiroll Chafe Guard was wrapped around these structures and the chafe problem was solved.

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