(1) Wrap Spiroll® Chafe Guard around line. Important: logo must face out to ensure a snug fit. Be sure that the entire length of the unit is flush with the line.

(2) Slide Spiroll down the line and into position.

(3) Secure.  Using electrical tape or silicone tape, tightly wrap the tape around each end of the unit (about 3 revolutions), wrapping in the same direction as the curl of the unit (i.e.- if the direction of the Spiroll’s curl is counter-clockwise around the line, apply tape counter-clockwise as well.) Correct application will pull the unit tighter around the line and reduce migration.  Each wrapped segment should be 1″-2” wide. The center of the unit and/ or the entire unit can also be taped if desired. Never apply tape in an opposite direction of the Spiroll’s curl as this will result in a loose fit around the line.

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